Q: Do I have to call and make a reservation or do I just show up?
A: Yes, please, make a reservation by calling or emailing us. Don't show up and expect us to be there, we rely heavily on our schedule.

Q: Does Miami Gliders employ FAA certified pilots?
A: Yes, by federal law all pilots in the U.S. must have a license issued by the FAA.

Q: What are the age limits for flying with Miami Gliders?
A: If under 18 years old you must have parental consent and a parent or guardian must be present when flying with us.

Q Are there weight limits for flying the gliders?
A: Yes, depending on the glider. Usually no more than 242lbs (109 Kg)

Q: Can I take pictures or video while flying?
A: Yes, absolutely, we encourage it. We can also provide video of you flying upon request.

Q: I'm disabled or need assistance, can I still fly?
A: Every case is different so please call us and we can make arrangements.

Q: How many people can fly in the glider at once?
A: One passenger at a time plus the pilot.

Q: I have a glider pilots license from my home country, can I rent your gliders?
A: Yes, your license must be validated with the local FAA office following a short flight with a Miami Gliders CFI.

Q: Will I get sick while flying in the glider or airplane.
A: That depends a lot on you. If you usually don't get sick while on a boat, roller coaster, etc. you'll be fine.

Q: My gift certificate will expire soon, can I book a ride after the expiration date?
A: Call us, we'll let you know if we can accommodate you.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.