Flight Training

  1. Physiology- you must be in healthy conditions. Weight restrictions apply. The glider has a max passenger carrying weight of 242lbs, this is a physical limit for the glider. You can start training as early as 14 years old but you must be at least 16 years old to apply for your pilot certificate. 
  2. Training- you can start right away. But there is some book work to do when you're home. You must pass an FAA Glider knowledge test if this is your initital pilot certificate. You have to log at least 10 hours of flight time with an instructor or 20 flights. Have 2 hours of solo flight time and pass the practical test. More information...
  3. Start Soaring!- a good pilot is always learning. You must keep your skills in check and keep flying. You can rent our gliders and take advantage of your new flying privileges.

Average Cost

The cost of flight training depends on you. You will follow a self directed home-study course and you'll have many face to face classes with your instructor. We all learn at a different pace. Some student pilots take more time than others to complete training. Your instructor is an excellent judge of your skills and he/she will keep you informed of your progress. There is no rush, we only want you to be safe and have excellent judgement when it comes to flying.

Private Pilot Certificate

$ 6,000 approximately.


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